set list via  The Rock Club

set list via The Rock Club

Two decades on do the Generation Terrorists still matter?  Maybe not.  

But this is a very different band to the 4 real era of the early 1990's, and in truth they have been different ever since the post-Richey comeback in 1995.

I went to see their show last month at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend was just that - a show, complete with the mid-set atrocity that is the acoustic break.  Even this worked though, with James getting the crowd to bounce to You Stole The Sun From My Heart.  

That was the closest we got to a mosh, and for the largely 30/40 something crowd that was probably for the best.

We were treated to a career spanning set, with Motorcycle Emptiness and If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next going down the best.

They closed with the song which James mentioned as being pivotal in justifying the continued existence of the band.  A Design For Life remains brilliant and was the perfect way to finish.

It was a performance, akin to a night at the theatre. A good night.

As all gigs should be there was no encore, not that anyone minded.  Like me, everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Well, nearly everyone.  After the show I listened to an impassioned complaint that any band facing the longevity / credibility dilemma should perhaps follow the example of Europe.  Yes, that Europe.


Excellent photoset on Flickr by Mishb1981