Yay.  Pulp are reforming for some shows next summer.

No other band quite captured what it was like to live in Britain in the mid-90's.  No other band released a trio of consistently brilliant albums (His 'N' Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore) during the 'Britpop' period.

They were the right band at the right time, evidenced by their last minute addition to the Glastonbury bill in 1995.  I loved that set, which remains one my best ever festival moments if not the best.

I was Pulp mad at the time, seeing them countless times - Brixton, Glastonbury, V, and even a trip to Leeds.

As James McMahon writes today in The Guardian:

Pulp were perhaps the last time British guitar music has managed to be world-beating, while at the same time sounding like it couldn't have come from anywhere else.

I'm surprised by this news but let's be honest Jarvis, Further Complications was a bit pants, so it's all for the best.

Look back bores and nostalgia seekers can rejoice. Me included. 



The Rage of Common People - a brilliant piece by Dorian Lynskey.