Not something I thought I'd ever do here. Reposting an entry from a Tory blogger. By rights I should feel unclean. But Iain Dale is absolutely right about this. He's also a West Ham fan and that'll justify it in my head:

Carter-Ruck have succeeded in persuading the BBC to remove all reference to the Trafigura story from its website, according to the New Statesman. They really don't learn do they - Carter Ruck or the BBC. You cannot suppress things like this in the modern media age. If one organisation caves in, there will the dozens more only to willing to step up to the plate.

So do enjoy this Newsnight film, which I really wouldn't bother to have posted had the BBC not caved in.

Could I encourage every single UK blogger to embed this video in their blogs too?

Footnote: For the history of this saga click HERE.

UPDATE: The original Newsnight report, which is the one Trafigura really object to has now also been removed from Youtube. However, Wikileaks still have it for download HERE.