You'd think that with Keisha leaving Sugababes I would stop mentioning them.  But how can I resist this? 

I haven't made up that picture.  There really is a website called  where the Sugababes...

...showcase just how simple Windows 7 is and how it helps them manage their busy showbiz lives. 


The videos are a very natural recreation of a typical conversation from these showbiz lives.  Of course they are. Judge for yourself.

If you can bear the prospect there are another 5 videos like this.

In the post Keisha Sugababes era it is good to know that new member Jade brings more than new vocal talent to the group. She can probably help Heidi with a diagnostic scan of her laptop's registry key settings.

All my Sugababes fantasies now appear plausible by comparison.

Described by popjustice as "very clearly the worst thing of all time", the site tries to promote a radio station event, the new lineup of a once great girl band, and the latest iteration of the world's most ubiquitous computer operating system.  That it fails to deliver on all fronts is, in a way, genius.  I love that the photos link on the site is just a Bing image search giving old pics of Mutya and Keisha.

At least when John Lydon advertised butter it was meant to be ridiculous.

Keisha, you got out just in time.