Earlier on Twitter I linked to Kevin Rose's article on Techcrunch - The Gold Apple Watch Is Perfect For Douchebags, where he couldn't see the Gold $10,000+  Watch appealing to tech or watch enthusiasts and commented:

Benedict Evans makes several interesting points in his post:

So (and this is the question that actually matters) why bother? One could argue that it’s a vanity project, or that Apple’s doing this just because it can, or that a few hundred million dollars still matters at Apple (as indeed it does). But I think it’s more interesting to compare it with Apple retail. Despite its prominence, this is only about 10% of Apple’s revenue. It’s much more important as marketing. And it's great marketing.

btw, I'm not interested (at least for now) in buying any version of the Apple Watch but I'm oddly fascinated by the product and why it appeals to others.