Kim Taylor Bennett, for Noisey:

Nine songs strong, their forthcoming album, SVIIB, is a slim, but supremely compelling collection, and in so many ways its completion and eventual release in February 2016 is a victory. For the most part, it sounds like one too. For instance, joyous album opener “Ablaze” clearly maps the thigh-tingling thrill of Alejandra and Benjamin’s first connection while introducing the record’s recurrent lyrical imagery: embers, flames, fires, the night sky, the stars, awakened inspiration. And of course love. She calls it her most blatant love song. “Our whole life together is that song.” Similarly at the record’s close stands “This Is Our Time,” melancholic, yet utterly uplifting too, it’s a love letter to New York in the early 2000s when the city was humming with possibility and all the best music was coming out of dives like the Mercury Lounge and Brownies. “That feeling we both felt when we moved to New York is that same feeling you feel when you fall in love, you’re just like—I can do anything, I’m all powerful, this world is working with me. It’s on my side,” she says smiling.