Ok then, inspired by this project as compiled by @CLButler76 here's a list of top 50 debut albums, as chosen by me.

These are the debuts I've enjoyed the most. That's the only criteria I've applied. 'Influential' or  'landmark' isn't factored in. This of course is just my excuse for putting things like the Little Boots record here. I'm not claiming it's more important than your Zeppelin or your Psychocandy. Although I am.

Numbers 50-41:

50) Veruca Salt - American Thighs

Neither loose nor tight. Neither black nor white.

They're back together now. All four of them. As it should be.

49) Kenickie - At The Club (1997)

I don't think Lauren realises how good Kenickie were. 

48) Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere (2004)

Benjamin Curtis was involved in two very different and special bands. What a talent.

47) Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago (2007)

Atmospheric. Emotional. Very Justin Vernon. 

46) Little Boots - Hands (2009)

I know you've all forgotten about this pop masterpiece already. You shouldn't have. It's ace.

45) Tanya Donelly - Lovesongs For Underdogs (1997)

A natural progression in sound from Belly. The standout tracks are the singles Pretty Deep and The Bright Light. Oh Tanya.

44) Madonna - Madonna (1983)

What exceptional early 80s pop this is, Borderline especially.

43) The Killers - Hot Fuss (2004)

We're not supposed to like this lot anymore it seems. Not sure why. I love this album.

42) Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (1979)

I got into this record late. Very late.

41) Exitmusic - Passage (2012)

Although they released an 8 track 'EP' in 2007 this is officially their debut I think.

The Los Angeles Citybeat reviewer nailed it with "The freakishly talented duo of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church always makes me think of two sweet kids strolling hand-in-hand into Armageddon". 

I'd been listening to them for ages before I watched a video and realised Aleksa played Angela in Boardwalk Empire. Like finding out that Donna Hayward or Shelly Johnson fronted Throwing Muses.