Channy Leaneagh, for The Talkhouse Music:

The first time I saw Jessie Ware perform, it was on Poliça’s first trip to Australia. I walked up to the stage at the top of the set and was captivated by her energy — her vibe, so to speak. The timbre of her voice and the way she touched each note, singing with ease and deep emotion, felt so good to my homesick soul. She seemed to radiate onto the crowd her love of performing and making music; it had an infectious quality of joy and gratitude. I watched her set one more time in Perth (we were on the same string of festival dates for Laneway 2012) and met her afterwards. Even in our brief encounter, I became a big fan of her as a performer, vocalist and also as a person.

I enjoyed Jessie Ware's first album but found some of it by the numbers soul. Second album 'Tough Love' is very good indeed (apart from the song poisoned by the pen of Sheeran). Channy wouldn't be wrong of course.