No work of art has given me more pleasure than the two seasons of Twin Peaks from the early 90s. 

I watched every episode 'live', then several times over on video during the following week.

I bought all the books, the VHS, the DVD of the first season, the (Spanish only) DVD of the second season, the eventual DVD box set with all the features, and most recently, the bumper Blu-ray remasters (the first Blu-ray / DVD I've purchased in 6 years).

I don't know where to start in explaining the show's appeal, so I won't. It's just the best. At everything. It touches every human emotion. It's David Lynch's masterpiece.

A picture of the Black Lodge has been my avatar since day one, there are two Twin Peaks images in my Twitter profile. My obsession with Sherilyn Fenn is well into a third decade. A trip to the Snoqualmie Falls area is number one on my bucket list. 

The new Twin Peaks was announced on the same day that the Juliana Hatfield Three confirmed they'd reformed.

A week on, and I'm still not coping very well with this news.