Kate Nash:

So the other night I was stressin out and we'd just finished rehearsing and I was like ARGHGHHGHGH I need to write a song and release something and do something creative instead of breaking all my stuff that I own. Linda (the shiny new guitarist) told me to RELEASE THE BEAST! So I did.

The next day I did a couple of interviews and then went straight to work. The girls were kinda like "what who how when and what the crap are you talking about?!" and I was like "no time to explain just trust me, and when we've finished this will be a new song." AND SO IT WAS.

We recorded it, then started shooting a video at 10pm, proceeded to get pretty silly until about 4.00 am and run around being dicks and having fun all over poor Oscar and Steve's (the owners) practice rooms. There was beer, there was cheescake, there was dancing with dogs, there was a LOT OF SHOUTING. I felt a lot better.

So this is a new song and video and a nice intro to my new stuff that was all made, recorded and video-ed in 24 HOURS. Pretty sweet. Rock n roll history? I think so! Wooohooo