Jacob Steinberg:

A look at West Ham messageboards on Monday reveals the usual mealy-mouthed apologists spouting stone-age drivel about the sanitisation of football and political correctness gone mad. Yet if we are to accept that it was only a minority who disgraced themselves, it is also true that this minority are the ones who shout loudest – and perhaps punch hardest when challenged.


A well written piece in the Guardian today. See also Benji Lanyado's blog post.

I'm struck by Sam Allardyce's complete refusal to be drawn on a 'political issue' and the club's statement that they are 'surprised' by the 'allegations'.

I support West Ham. I have a season ticket in the East Stand.

Unlike many fellow fans today, I have no problem 'admitting' that West Ham has more than it's fair share of scumbag, moronic fans. They exist in significant numbers. I loathe them and I don't want them at my club.

It's not a difficult thing to say.