According to Popjustice the original lineup of Sugababes are working together again.

Subsequent different lineups went on to release songs that still make them the best pop act of the century. They disintegrated in 2008 becoming tacky American overtly sexual bullshit. Keisha left just in time.

Going back to the start would just seem right, if only to reclaim the psyche if not the name of their old group. Their first album came out when they were about 15. They were involved in the songwriting and it was British RNB soul sass, a spirit which largely remained intact through their more poppy moments and line up changes but died when Keisha left.

They can't call themselves Sugababes though unless they're going to sell wrapping paper ribbons.

If this reunion is true I'm excited. Almost OhMyGodTheStoneRosesAreGoingToPlayAgain excited.