30 years is a long time. This song is now synonymous with cheesy wedding reception discos, 'guilty pleasures' events and the arm-linking, pissed up selections in nightclubs.

Ignore all those images and events that spring to mind when hearing this song. Basically, just disassociate it from 'It's Raining Men'.

It may also help to put aside all grievances with Kevin Rowland's fashion sense.

When you do, embrace 'Come On Eileen'. Pop music is rarely as good as this, not least when introduced on TOTP by a man in a party hat. (I'm still not over John Peel).

Listen to Dexys Midnight Runners three studio albums, especially the first two.

There will be a new album bearing the Dexys name (sans Midnight Runners), due for next year. This is the first minute of it: