The big news of the week was that Chas & Dave are re-recording Snooker Loopy.

Questions, questions:

  • why do I know all the words to this? ("'cos I wear these goggles")
  • who, in 1986 actually bought this? It made number 6 in the charts. These days you can kind of forgive the novelty purchases online. A lack of judgment in a weak click in iTunes can be excused, but in 1986 this purchase involved actual human interaction. A decision to enter what us oldies remember as 'record shops' or, before we knew better, 'Woolies', had to be made.  Once in, even an impulse purchase required physical lifting of product, and crucially a walk to a shop assistant. This must have happened thousands of times. Startling.
  • why do I know all the words to this? ("Terry the Taff was born in a gaff")
  • casual racism, baldism, myopiaism wasn't just tolerated, it was celebrated?
  • why do I know all the words to this? ("Perhaps I ought to chalk it")

Barry Hearn is quoted this week as saying:

“It might give the nation nightmares, but the time is right for a remake. Snooker is going places.”


I love his implication that a remake of this song was inevitable, like having Tories in Government again or even a new film version of Arthur.