I’m not really bothered England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup.  It would be nice to host the tournament but I couldn’t really care less about it. 

However I know many are and that a lot of work has gone into presenting the bid. Much of that work has been undone in the last few days by a combination of a previously anonymous civil servant, Max Clifford and the Mail on Sunday.  A lovely trio.

Bravo then for Gary Lineker’s decision today to resign writing his Mail on Sunday column in protest at the nature of the story and its effect on the bid.

We learnt nothing of value from the Mail on Sunday’s ‘expose’ and it benefitted no-one (with the exception of England’s rivals in the 2018 bid).  The ‘shocks’ in this utter non-story, amplified by unearthed and previously anonymous blog posts:

  • Newspapers love honey traps, especially if they are organised on their behalf.
  • Newspapers like to see failure and have the power to force resignations from public office.
  • Newspapers like to create and distort the news agenda, rather than report it.
  • People talk bollocks in private conversations.
  • People have neuroses and often speak of paranoid conspiracy theories, regardless of factual evidence or rumour.
  • Boys like to show off to impress the girls.
  • People like to flirt.
  • Some married people are unfaithful.
  • Some people are spiteful.
  • Some people will abuse friendship, trust and work ethics for money / five minutes of fame / personal revenge.
  • Max Clifford’s clients like to pose for photos in gardens.