Even at the height of my indie snobbery (probably in the early 1990's) there were always a few guilty pleasures. The release of a new Simple Minds album always permeated through the cool.

I was a sucker for their late 80's arena filling rock anthems.

A few missteps over the last 20 years (most notably a quite horrific covers album) but they always have a knack for coming up with an inspirational tune just when the critics are ready to write them off.

They're back with a new album on Monday - Graffiti Soul (Deluxe Edition)and I'm as keen as ever to hear it (although I'm dubious about the bonus cd of cover versions).

The new single Rockets is a joyous little affair. Good to see Jim Kerr hasn't lost his arm flailing style. Just makes the song seem a bit bigger.