Their first two albums were listenable if a little patchy. Bends era Radiohead-ish stuff.

The Absolution album moved things on. Exaggerated but still inventive and ambitious in production quality, notably on the standout singles like Hysteria when they suddenly became major league rock stars.

Detractors pointed out their overblown grandiosity, that they were little more than Queen impersonators for the 21st century with pompous song titles and snazzy light shows. All things I loved about them.

Come the new album – The Resistance - and all those things still apply. Yet curiously I find myself hating it because of them. Everything I used to like about them is now why I can't stand them. I knew I was in trouble when I tried to convince myself I liked the album when I clearly didn't. Have I just got bored with them or was I just always wrong?