Mark Austin, today on Twitter:

Austin's description of the piece is spot on.  

Three breathtaking paragraphs:

Nothing excuses the Cairo sexual assault on CBS TV reporter Lara Logan, 39, the former swimwear model but she does have ‘form’ for dressing provocatively in inappropriate locations.

Doesn't the use of 'but' here cancel out the 'nothing excuses'?

In 2002, she was rebuked by British military officers in Afghanistan for ‘flashing her cleavage’.


An event from 9 years ago is apparently relevant.

And to finish off, a completely uneccessary line, added just in case the reader has failed to grasp the earlier, and otherwise irrelevant 'former swimwear model' context:

But war correspondent Marie Colvin says of ‘brilliant’ Miss Logan: ‘It’s TV, so, yes, she’s gorgeous – they don’t give the job to trolls.’