This week’s reissue of Morrissey’s Everyday Is Like Sunday offers a good excuse for nostalgia.

Remastered from the forthcoming repackaging of Bona Drag, it remains timeless.  Easily one of Morrissey’s best songs and covered many times - perhaps no better than by The Pretenders, with Chrissie Hynde a fan:

I find his sense of storytelling, with its irony and poignancy, very moving and believable. The lyric to Everyday Is Like Sunday is, to me, a masterful piece of prose, and I think that is very rare for a modern day songwriter. 

The video still excites as it was shot in my hometown. Over 20 years it remains a perverse delight to celebrate the choice of Southend as

“the coastal town that they forgot to close down.”

Such local pride.

Alarmingly the town looks very similar today. Oh look, there’s the Royals, The Kursaal, Royal Terrace.

(I never fantasized about her. Never.)Essex indie kids from the era will no doubt spot the record shop at the start of the video. Golden Disc was a legendary place which closed down shortly after and was a HMV store until recently. Now it’s empty.

There’s still a shop bearing the Golden Disc name nearby but it’s not the same. Nowhere near the same.

This video is exactly how I remember it. Staff who recognised you and gave a friendly wave when you walked in. Vinyl stacked everywhere. And of course everyone walked around holding a Morrissey 12 inch single.