Lykke Li - Hammersmith Apollo, London, 13 Nov 2014

I saw Lykke Li's show at the Hammersmith Odeon, sorry Eventim Apollo last week.

There's a bunch of photos at The LIne Of Best Fit.

As the Independent review put it:

The audience was often left with just her silhouette dancing wildly amid the smoke-filled stage, like a gothic leather-wearing pixie. There was a dark intensity to her performance that was both disquieting and impressive.

Thomas Hannan, writing for The Line of Best Fit :

The Swede seems so consumed by the sound she concocted on her latest album I Never Learn that its bleakness infects all songs in the set, no matter what record from which they originate. And, credit to her artistic bravery, it works – even when hearing a tune as playful as early wonder “Little Bit” dressed up as the brooding beast that stands before tonight, you suspect that you could love this much bolder, scolded version just as much as the original given time.

It's an odd experience, which I first witnessed at Latitude in July and again last Thursday. Lykke is detached from the crowd, often in her own bubble, yet somehow remains engaged with us.

It's quite a thing.